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April 16th 2013. I was in Manchester and experience the FIRST EVER UK concert of the super band Star & Dagger at the Roadhouse. If you are familiar with bands such as White Zombie, Cycle Sluts from Hell, Queens of Stone Age or Eagles of Death Metal you might know, at least, one of these fabulous musicians.

They were not just AMAZING performers but when the concert finished they showed how much they liked each other, how humble they are and how committed , close and nice they are to their fans. That’s the kind of people I like! The ladies are LOVELY, gorgeous and amazing. I had a blast talking to them!

I am besotted I got to meet my long time idol Sean Yseult and talk to her and see her playing up and close and see her signature coffin bass and… It was a magic day!!! I am very thankful to have been able to live this experience. Thanks for inspiring me to play bass, Sean!!! You are a great musician, an inspiring woman and a better person.

I was armed with a fabric permanent marker and got her signature on the back of my denim waistcoat.

I want to repeat it! And I recommend you their music. If you have a chance, go and see them play, get their music!.Their record “Tomorrowland blues” will be out in July, can’t wait!

They are a class act!

Long life to Star & Dagger  n___n

Singer: Von Hesseling

Guitar Player: Dava She Wolf

Gutiar Player: David Catching

Bass Player: Sean Yseult

Drummer: Gene Trautmann

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What It Takes, Who I Am, Where I’ve Been Belong


Gotta Get My Mojo Runnin’

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Harmony Korine did it again!. I encourage you to watch this slamming critic to the sweet Disney Princess concept called ¨Spring Breakers¨. Bravo for the actresses and for gorgeous James Franco for making the movie even greater.

If you enjoy neon colors, flamingos, palm trees and amazing sun and Florida landscapes, this is also your movie.

Watch your mouth man!..I’ll say any damn thing I want!

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Where to find trainers that are cruelty free, vegan, fair trade and cute? The answer is vegetarian shoes!!!!.

They shipped the goods 3 days ago and my trainers are here already…Back to my morning jog knowing that I have being a responsible consumer!. 😀

The price are amazingly reasonable and you can always find stuff on sale. Buy smart, don’t over consume, think twice!