Killer Barbie

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Silvia Superstar was born in Galicia and started signing in a band called “Aerolineas federales”. Later she became this sort of pin-up, bombshell, guitar player-singer and sort of scary front woman for the band “Killer Barbies”. They became very big in Germany and a Spanish classic, iconic, comic punk band.

You might have also seen her in C movies like  “The killer barbys”, “La matanza caníbal de los garrulos lisérgicos” or “Killer barbys vs.Dracula” or perhaps you know her for hosting a local music tv program.

She’s going solo these days as well as sometimes performing with a band called “Los fabulosos” and she owns two of the coolest bars in Spain: “El fabuloso” in Madrid and “El Gato Negro” in Vigo. Both of them have been decorated in a very 50’s esque peculiar way.

You’ve to love the girl. Her ever chainging hairstyle, her charisma, her bindis, her tank tops and tattoos and that crazy punk-pin-up-barbie look.

Love me some original spookiness! Te queremos Silvia!


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