Safety Pins

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I wear one on my left ear. I lost a little ring and put one on to avoid that non-compensation feeling I got when I don’t wear earrings on both ears. It has stayed there since and surprisingly it hasn’t gotten any oxide.

Such an easy item to find that has been worn by punks for decades became very on trend on Spring 2011. Do you remember Kristen Stewart wearing THAT Balmain dress? I certainly do and won’t forget about it. I thought it was the coolest around. Actually the whole Balmain collection was stunning. A real punk come back.

I like safety pins, my favorite designers (Vivienne Westwood and Commes des Garcons) have been using them for ages. They’re very versatile and add an edge into any outfit. They’re the easiest item you can use to customize a lame piece of clothing. I just hope they would come back again, as it would be easier to find me stuff with them attached. In any case they sure will do and meanwhile I’ll put on practice my imagination and customizing skills.


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