Sheeps Ahoy!

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Sandra Backlund is no doubt  one of the names that clearly defines fashion as an art form. This swedish lady works wool like a sculpture and knits whatever she likes and believes is challenging for fashion and herself. She doesn’t really follow a trend, no need for cool hunters here, this work is above cool, it is a display of talent, tradition and modernity in perfect harmony.

Here are some words from the artist herself:

“I think I work with design as a form of therapy. When others write poems to deal with themselves, I do fashion. Because I work like that I cannot tell you so much about how a specific collection develops. The only thing I know for sure about Diamond Cut Diamond is that I suddenly got obsessed by the story of diamonds. The typical symbol of wealth, power and success, they hold the interesting double nature as both a glamorous messenger of vanity and a natural everyday working tool. It is the ultimate combination of beauty and purpose.”

I just hope sheep didn’t suffer on the process (thank you sheep!) and thank you ms.Backlund!


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