Sixby6bloggers: Susie Lau

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What can I say about wonderful Susie Lau that has not being said or that she might not have posted in her own blog?

Susie is the blogger from huge:

Please check out her blog as it is absolutely gorgeous, tasteful and a great source of fashion information. Not just for big brands, but for little wonders. I personally adore her style, the way she loves color and texture explosion and just the way the clothes fall on top of her body. Susie is definitely one to watch.

First time I saw those shoes above I wondered “Where did she get them?” “Who was the genius designer?”. Well, Susie herself collaborated with the following web designing them:

You can purchase them on the link above, they’re a bit expensive but they look stunning and very comfy. I just wish they would NOT be leather…Next time!

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