Yazawa Sensei

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Having natto for lunch today gave me some inspiration to write about one of  my first japanese fashion gurus: Yazawa Ai.

Yazawa sensei was born 1967 in Amagasaki -Hyogo in Oosaka, Japan. She studied at fashion school but dropped years later after one of her teachers told her that her creations were amazing but too difficult to bring to “live”. Instead, she decided to start a carrier as a mangaka and has since provided us with some of the best adult shoujo stories we will ever read: “Tenshi nanka janai”, “Gokinjo monogatari”, “Nana” or “Paradise Kiss” are some of her best-notirious works.

If you are interested on this peculiar personality, please grab one of her masterpieces and read through it. You will fall in love with the stories and characters and sure you’ll find out that on her designs, her signature style and passion for fashion are every were to be seen. They can be found on every single detail: the fashion illustration style of the characters and influences such as Vivienne Westwood fashion, Sex Pistols, Harajuku and Shinjuku style and Velvet Goldmine just to name a few.

As a fan of punk-goth, harajuku-shinjuku and metal fashion styles I can’t help but loving her and sharing most of her tastes. One of her main character creations, Nana Oosaki, is one of my main fashion influences.

Please check the illustrations above and check out the details, the colour, make up, hair, accessories and originality of the characters. I just wish we could all be as free as they are, experiment and have no boundaries whatsoever with our clothing. Fashion is an expression of ourselves and an important part of our feelings and personality.

Definitely a guru, an icon and an inspiration.

Arigatou gozaimasu, Yazawa sensei!

P.S: Yazawa Ai above. Enjoy the slideshow!


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