Foxy, foxy: Kanken Fjall Raven backpacks

Am I the only one who’s a bit tired of wearing handbags??? Ok, they’re cute and add an “umph” to any outfit, fair enough. But aren’t they sometimes a bit hard to carry around? Don’t you usually over pack them? Doesn’t this overweight take a toll on your shoulders?…If you have experimented those issues, don’t worry, I’ve the perfect bag-solution for your off-duty outfits (sorry, you might not be able to use it for a cocktail party or a wedding!)

Kanken Fjall Raven is a swedish brand of lovely classic and long-lasting backpacks that would suit any fashionista. My personal one is the yellow version. I usually don’t wear yellow but this back is fresh and vibrant!

The logo of the brand, the beautiful Artic Fox, was chosen by brand creator Åke Nordin when hiking, to honor these beautiful, in danger of extinction animals.

When you buy one of these backpacks, is not just that you will look the cutest in town, you will buy quality and support SEFALO (The Swedish-Finnish-Norweigian Arctic Fox Project).

Click the following link to see the full range of shapes and colors:

I love alternative labels and new upcoming or unknown designers (not the case of Fjall Raven, of course) 🙂

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