Resistance Freak: Nic Endo for Illamasqua

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You might know Nic Endo from Atari Teenage Riot, that german digital hardcore band whose members expose their concerns and complains through music and lyrics focusing on political, environmental and social worldwide issues. You might also know her as the born american, half german-half japanese, beauty with a kanji (tenki-resistance) on her face who signs and plays synths in the band.

Nic is not just a talent, a brain and one of the most stunning women in the world, she’s also an eco fighter who likes “different beauty” and one of my favorite ladies and musicians in the entire Earth.

Good news she’s the new face of vegan cosmetic brand Illamasqua for their “Freak” new fragance and small cosmetic range. In Nic’s own words listen (read) what this campaign is all about because I couldn’t express it better:

“Illamasqua’s idea is to completely forget about those role models, look at who you really are and which sides of your personality you want to bring out. I find this very radical and modern in its approach”.

Read below a description of Nic’s style and fashion statements:

How would you describe your style?
In terms of work ethic, fashion style and attitude towards creative work, I think may as well have been the inofficial love child of Rei Kawakubo and Maya Deren’.
What item of clothing would you never be caught dead wearing?
‘Birkenstock’s, and for that matter, any type of shoes that resemble them; anything floral printed; anything frilled or ruffled’.

Check out Illamasqua’s freak website below:

And if you  share the idea that the world is not fair and art is a great form to expose your ideas and opinions about it, you might as well read some ATR interviews then listen, understand, live the catharsis and enjoy the music.

Resistance and revolution shall never finish. The time is right to fight!

2 thoughts on “Resistance Freak: Nic Endo for Illamasqua

  1. sorry to comment so much, but i have learned so much from your blog. very educational! where are you from? she’s awesome.

    • Hehehehe. I love your comments and glad you liked the blog!!! I love your blog as well (is one of my vegan Meccas).
      Nic Endo is fantastic, she’s very talented and one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Glad you liked her too.
      I am from Barcelona (I guess there’s where I got a taste for cosmopolitan fashion) :).Where are you from?

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