La Sexorcisto: Sean Yseult Designs

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Another lady that I adore, not just because of her funky-original-metal style but her bad-ass bass guitar playing skills, brains, beauty, contribution to the feminine metal movement and design talent.

You might know Sean as “the chick in White Zombie” that industrial band that was around during the 90’s whose singer was the very talented Mr. Rob Zombie . Sean has been in bands such as the huge “The Cramps”, “Rock City Morgue” and “Famous Monsters” whom she sometimes still collaborates with.

Long before joining the band Sean studied design in North Carolina so I bet we have to thank her and Mr. Zombie for the cool design of White Zombie’s album covers and unique fashion style of the members. Those guys were a mix of cowboy-meets homeless-meets punk-meets comic books-meets metal-meets horror films, that I still adore and try to copy. The customized  cropped jeans with patches, the animal print coats, the military boots, the cowboy hats, stripy t-shirts, comic tank tops and that cute bone she used to wear on her signature flour hair made Sean, and the rest of the band, become unique. Nowadays I haven’t been able to find any other band that could possible catch my “fashion eye” as much as they did. They were different!. Just like Alice Cooper said once: “These guys looked like if the were covered on dust”. On top of that they had a girl in a “boy band”. I believe they were one of the first bands to have a female member who was not the singer, who didn’t flash any flesh and therefore someone you could look up to as a woman.

For this reason, Sean wrote the uber cool book “I am with the band” a tribute to her years in White Zombie and to its fans as well as  a wink to all of these times security thought she was a groupie and she had to pronounce those words to be able to go backstage with the rest of the lads.

You can check Sean’s projects in facebook but I wanted to highlight the following one. Her very own company created in 2006:

Sean has designed a serie of lovely prints for versatile handkerchiefs inspired by her own childhood and favorite books. The colors are vibrant and bold and the prints very funky and psychodelic. If you like Sean, don’t hesitate clicking the link above to get one of her gems. All worth it.

Check out Sean’s bar “The Saint” in New Orleans at the Garden District for a cool place to hang around:

Thumbs up for Ms.Yseult and her never ending cool productions!

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