Chen Man for M.A.C Cosmetics

Me few days ago:

-“Wow, I-D’s covers this month looks stunning. I’d like to get it”

Me today:

Got the mag (pricy, but couldn’t resist) read through it, loved it. Became Chen Man’s number one fan and conception of unique traditional asian beauty instead of flawless mainstream beauty.

Me in the evening:

-“I fancy going to M.A.C and take a look. They’re the coolest and they’re veggie friendly”… What the…? O_O Chen Man has released a collection for M.A.C!”

This lady photographer is a Beijing born beauty who studied graphic design at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and has since become the star of fashion photo world in China. Her shots (usually ladies portraits) are jaw dropping, artsy creations that she has wisely combined with computerized 3-D rendering. They are a combination of chinese tradition and natural asian beauty. I love Fan Fan Bing Bing’s picture shaving, what a classy, beautiful lady!.

If you can grab this months I-D magazine, don’t hesitate, you’ll be able to read about her life and works and probably become green with envy. Then if you have time, go to M.A.C and check the collection she has released: Cool jing-jang esque eye shadows in blue and purple, waterproof mascara, lipgloss, face white powder…Worth to see!

Meanwhile enjoy the pictures 🙂

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