Frida Khalo in Wonderland

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Sassy Miu-miu is rocking an amazing campaign for S/S 2012. So far, my favorite of the year (even better than Louis Vuitton’s candy floss esque shots).

I wondered why did it catch my eye so fast…Doesn’t it really remind you of Frida Kalho’s self-portraits? Patchwork, flowers, color, long skirts and a mix of prints as well as the way the model is wearing her hair up. A resemblance of my favorite painter might have been the reason why I really liked the portraits. It was hard to recognize little Mia Wasikowska as the model of the campaign but she looks great and grown up. Doesn’t she?

The shots are amazing, the vibrant colors, cuts, layering and quality of the clothing, well, insuperable. Miuccia Prada and team are really people after our own hearts!

3 thoughts on “Frida Khalo in Wonderland

  1. You are right on both counts I think!! Mia looks incredibly lady-like & grown-up in these chic Miu Miu looks. Really LOVE the image where Mia is wearing those oversized sunglasses & looking directly into the camera – that little pout looks so sensual & sassy!! 🙂 And yes, this shoot is very reminiscent of Frida Khalo’s self portraits, & I really love that! Such a striking shoot & so creative, colourful, artistic & beautiful!!

    Another fabulous post from you!! Love it! xoxo

    • Ain’t it? Ladylike is the word i was looking for, thank you. Frida was amazing. She was so unique. I like to think they have been inspired by her style to create this collection.

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