Pretty on the Inside

French-UK team Edward and Benjamin are the masterminds behind Meadham Kirchhoff and they have showed us, not just an amazing, feminine, XVII century, pastels and Rainbow brite inspired collection but their taste for the riot grrrl feminist punk movement of the mid 90’s in America. Something that I am all up for: Fashion meets rock and iconic strong women.

For their LFW’12 show they decided to pay tribute to one of the most iconic women in rock: Courtney Love. The designers got inspiration on Courtney’s performance at reading festival, the same year she lost her husband and no one believed she was going to make it. Ms.Love flourished and demonstrated us that, doesn’t matter how hard everything is, there are always things to fight for in life. Kirchhoff said that he wanted the show to look just like Hole’s “Miss World” video and they certainly got it. You can watch the video clicking the link below and compare it with the picture gallery:


I personally loved Courtney’s style during the 90’s because it is very personal. Her bleached blonde her, her black kohl  and red lips, cute little hair clips, diamond hair bands and baby doll dresses have become her signature style and certainly made her become an icon and charismatic singer. Have you ever said the words: “It is very Courtney Love?”. The mix of feminine and innocent looks with the roughness of her personality were a bittersweet combination that really worked out in a Blondie way.

But let’s go through Courtney’s life. She is the voice and heart of grunge band “Hole”. She’s also known as the widow of Kurt Cobain and certainly has gone through a lot:

-Mum and step dad dumped her.

-She was on several orphanages.

-She was a stripper in Japan aged 15 (Seen my gravatar? Is a design of Yazawa Ai based on Courtney Love based on Courtney’s manga creation “Princess Ai”).

-She lost her husband, Kurt Cobain.

-She lost her daughter Frances Bean custody for a short time due a false accusation.

-She lost her bass guitar player, wonderful and talented Kristen Pfaff.

-She has been struggling with drug and alcohol abuse for years.

-She has been criticized and accused for years.

Even so, this phoenix has lived through it, won an academy award for her appearance on “The people vs.Larry Flint” and received credits for her contribution to the music world. It was about time that someone could recognized her style during the 90’s. 5 points for Meadham Kirchhoff. I can see nothing but good on their collection so far.


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