Just A Girl

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Ever since I was a teenager I looked up to her an though she was the coolest girl around. Her original voice and her style made her special. She mixed chola girl, rockabilly, punk, feminine 40’s hollywood glamour, tomboy, ska and ethnic styles. She was so inspiring and that’s just because Ms. Stefani is unique and she has certainly proved she’s a style icon.

First time I saw her I felt in love with her style and I tried to copy it: baggy pants with diplomatic lines, military jackets, two-tone military boots, tartan zipper punky pants, cropped tops with cool messages, bleached blonde cool styled hair, cool jewellery and her iconic bindies, red lips and eyeliner. She was different, charismatic and the most important thing: She was talented and didn’t have to flash any flesh on stage to look sexy. Her fashion goes with her feelings, personality and she’s certainly confident and not afraid of experimenting with textures, mixtures, prints and color. An eclectic mixed match!

Thanks to her sewing skills and fashion sense (Gwen designed and sewed all of her stage outfits when she was in No Doubt) she has already created three different lines: “L.A.M.B”, the massive high end brand that’s designed exactly the way she wants to dress. “Harajuku Lovers” the most affordable brand inspired in Japan and specially in Harajuku, that district were people go just all creative and free with fashion and now “Harajuku mini for Target” which is inspired in “Harajuku lovers” but is focused on kids.

When Gwen made a statement for her love of Japan I was surprised, I already owned those wonderful Shoichi Aoki books “Fruits” and “Fresh Fruits” and was in love with Harajuku and Shinjuku fashion because as a Japan and japanese culture lover I always took inspiration from it when dressing. Plus she loves Vivienne Westwood probably as much as I do which is something that really makes me believe that I’ve learned a lot from Gwen’s style, love for talent, fun and freedom in fashion and makes me believe that we are “like teacher, like student…”

Enjoy Gwen’s pictures from my favorite circa 96′-97′ and take some notes from it if you dare. You’ll always be the one who taught me love for fashion and helped me creating my own style…We heart you Gwen!

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