Total Skull

Rob Zombie has been always one of my style icons (yes, you heard well). If you check my Sean Yseult post you’ll understand why. He has been always a visionary and a person that I really admire: He’s a vegetarian, he loves Tokyo, he’s a fan of “A clockwork Orange”, he can design, he can compose great music, he likes comics, he likes geekie horror movies, he’s a film director and a good guy plus he’s best friends with Alice Cooper…Can he get any cooler?

Well, the answer is yes!. Rob Zombie’s stunning wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, is not only the star of most of his movies and video clips, she shares his great taste and talent and together they have combined all of their passions to blend them into a cool fashion online brand:

The couple is so beautiful that they don’t need anyone else but themselves to model their own collection. You can choose from a small range of cowboy esque  oh! so amercian t-shirts, to horror film tribute vests and very heavy metal accessories. There is a range for boys, girls and kiddies so your babies can start learning how much of a metalhead her/his mummy or daddy is (no room for sugar pop here hehehe).

The page includes the Zombie family’s own projects, tour updates, film news…And news about their closest friends (remember Elvira?)

My personal favorites are the designs and ring above. Get clicking and stay Zombie!

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