Breaking The Law

I couldn’t call myself a metal head if I wouldn’t speak about one of the greatest singers in metal history: Mr. Rob Halford. A legend, a talent and a gentleman, Halford is the one to blame for heavy metal SM fashion style. Spikes, leather, military hats, boots and the tough guy looks are his creations and influences as well as one of his major contributions to the fashion world and history. When all of the other guys were wearing skinny jeans, boxing trainers and black t-shirts Halford  gave a twist to the world and chose head to toe black with studs.

The Painkiller singer has currently launched a fashion collection: Metal God Apparel. Currently the only  items you can find on the website are t-shirts designed by Marc Sasso, a Judas Priest fan who has gotten his inspiration from Priest’s lyrics: Skulls, monsters, demons and dark colors in a varied range for both, ladies and gentlemen.

From the singer’s own mouth we will know. Why did he decide to choose the SM apparel style to perform?:

“-(…)I just chose that kind of look because heavy metal for many, many years didn’t really have the visual connections and their power connected to the music. So, I just kind of experimented and felt that particular image was more sensible and worked. (…) A lot of it was out of experimentation. As I recall, the whole imagery came out of a song called ‘Hell Bent for Leather.’  We had an idea of bringing a motorcycle on stage and it made sense that if I ride a bike, I should wear a biker’s jacket.It felt right. Elvis was doing it, and he was Mr. Rock ‘n’ Roll. It was a tough thing, a macho thing. And we had things around at the time that I felt should be utilized, like our fashion designers at the time, who took a jacket and vest and put studs on them all over the place.The sound was there, loud, brash and aggressive, but the look was not yet in place. That’s what’s so wonderful about the journey we’ve been on. Once we established a look, you just looked at yourself in the mirror before going on stage to make sure your fly was zipped.  We finally looked like the music sounds, and everyone picked up on it and it became the look”.

Rob Halford
If you love Priest, metal, Halford and have a taste for darkish apparel, don’t miss this collection. The t-shirts are currently on sale from 10-15$ and up, a heavy bargain!.
Get clicking and stay metal:

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