Moi L.o.l.i.t.a: H. Naoto

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Japanese born wonderful designer Hirooka Naoto aka H.Naoto graduated in 1999 and launched his own brand and collection in 2000. He is the actual king of gothic lolita fashion and his collections wisely combine punk, goth, elegance , bondage, tattoo designs, school uniforms, princess and otaku styles…To me, a dream come true!.  The results are impressive: Huge hair, dramatic make up, impossible magnificent dresses , velvet, faux fur, dark colors, victorian style. Art in fashion form.

If you have the opportunity, this means you’re lucky enough to live in Tokyo or San Francisco, hit one of his stores and check those amazing pieces hanging from the rails. Worth to see! Meanwhile enjoy the gallery with some of his creations from 2000 to 2008 collections and see the inside part and window from the San Francisco store. Looks amazing!.

If you are a fashionista or a fan of gothic lolita style you cannot miss this date!


I’ll be hitting this store in about 4 months…Can’t wait but my pocket is already shaking!

h.NAOTO USA San Francisco
2F NEWPEOPLE 1746 Post Street San Francisco CA 94115
TEL : (415)525-8617


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