Meat Is Murder

Which are your options when you are vegetarian or vegan but you love leather, biker boots, studs, spikes, leather accessories and overall heavy metal and punk fashion? Very little right? Well. As I said before I will be posting all of the veggie goodies I can find to make our lives easier.

I’ve been spotting a lot of Doc.Martens posts from another fashion bloggers and I guess it is because of Agyness Deyn’s new campaign (she really is the perfect FACE of the brand).

As well as converse Martens are some of the best known footwear of the world, not just because the way they are built up or because of the little yellow label they have on the back but because of their beautiful shape able to suit everyone on mostly every outfit. They have been always around as they were first invented during the second World War by Dr.Klaus Märtens to avoid soldier’s feet and ankle injuries.You can actually visit the very first shop were they were sold just around the corner of the  Camden Market at the “Camden Town” black northern tube line in London. This little museum certainly won’t disappoint you.

The choice is tough as it is endless, there’s varied range of colors and shapes. My personal favorite ones are the two tones (I blame Gwen Stefani for it) but I couldn’t have ones. What was  the main issue? Well, they are made of leather. Leather might be a very solid material but it is also very tough and it makes you have to get used to the boot it is so rough it usually hurts your ankles or you feet and if  on any case you are a vegan, you’ll obviously try to avoid this material.

The good news are that Doc Martens have released a vegan range for their demanding eco-friendly audience and as soon as I knew it, my CC was on fire. The prices are not really different from the classic leather boots.  At the moment you can just purchase the black and wine-red classic models but it is worth. I must say that, even if you can’t spot the physical difference, your feet certainly will feel it. The vegan material is resistant but softer, which makes them easier to wear as they allow you to bend your feet properly and won’t hurt your legs, calves and ankles even if you wear them with very short or no socks whatsoever. They’re cool, comfy and a classic! You’ll be able to enjoy your Doc’s minus the cruelty factor.

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