Bored Teenagers: Gaye Advert

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I don’t know why but I seem to suffer from a “bass player” obsession: Sean Yseult, Jeordie White, Kirsten Pfaff… It must be because I play bass myself and I feel attracted to whatever and whoever I can look up to or whoever has achieved something that, in some ways, it is reachable for me  (call it group belonging in social Psychology)

For those who might not know The Adverts, these guys were a UK based punk band that formed in 1976 and split up on 1979 due to artistical and commercial vision differences. Gaye Advert was the FIRST female punk rocker, at least from a known band, to play on stage in a non chicks band. The fact she was a girl landed a lot of chauvinistic criticism on her skills and highlighted her looks instead…SHAME!.

In any case she really added a fresh twist into a guy’s band and world with her sultry, sexy and cool image and her bass playing skills, and made the way easier and hopeful for girls who wanted to ditch groupie/girlfriend/wannabe roles to become THE actual musicians.

I loved her style and looks because they were not mainstream. I know the Pistols were big back then, so it wasn’t difficult to follow the punk trend but let’s be honest, back in 77′ punk style was not labeled as “punk chic” it was rough, demanding, a social criticism and hand crafted. A style that screamed whatever it promoted: Anarchy at its best!.

Love me some old vintage feeling on life, the greatness of people fighting for their rights, complaining and screaming, the good, the bad and the ugly times of being different back then and the true art music was.

Punk up your life.


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