Disconnected Child: Peter Pan Collar

Still on trend. From Alexa Chung for Vero Moda to Phillip Lim, Marni for H&M or Uber cool Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony I have spotted different types, colors and shapes of the Peter Pan collar: Pointy, round, sparkly, classic shirt shape…

The feminine, sugar, floaty and candy trend coming for s/s 2012 is helping its resurrection. A trend coming from the 50’s, 60’s? Probably used long before. I have found myself wondering about this trend…I wasn’t really convinced about it. I found it a bit “childish” in some ways but then I realized that accepting everything is better than looking at it through a half prejudice, half strange prism. Through clothing we express a lot and picking up stuff from different styles that might not be our own can be really fun. That’s how I started accepting PP collars.

Whatever is true is that people tend to criticize them as they’re usually attached to a line dresses with no form whatsoever (?) and make you look too girlie and “sugar and spice and everything’s nice” but, just to give an exemple: Who doesn’t remember about Wednesday Addams? When you remember about the Addams Family the first word that crosses your mind is really not girlie, plus. Who cares if you are girlie? What is girlie anyway? A chauvinistic LABEL, that’s it.

I  specially like black dresses with classic white collars a la Wednesday (I LOOOVE her). I find them classy. Alexa’s one for Vero Moda is extremely cool.

The vision of Wednesday can give you the idea that collars are not as sweet and childish as they want us to believe, right?  That really helped me. Fashion is becoming more and more fun and ageless which is natural, free and out of prejudice. Just exactly the way it should be. Why can’t we not wear Peter Pan collars, this or that at depending on our age? Just dress the way you want and feel, put on whatever suits your body shape and mind set up.

We never want to fashion grow up or follow any rules!.

Hooray for Peter Pan’s collars.

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