Poison Ivy: Customizing!

I was around the city after work today and I felt like going to a second hand shop, you can really find wonders!. Once I found Prada jeans for 10 bucks, 8 euros, around 6-7 pounds (ok, fair enough they are 2 sizes bigger than me but I still wear them as baggy pants, and gosh, they’re comfy).

I’ve seen this jacket hanging from the rails and felt “crafty” straight away. The shape and the straps hanging from neck and sleeves caught my attention straight away.I sometimes get this “inspiration” moments and I need to fulfill my creative desires. 7 dollar, 5.50 euros, 3 pounds  choose your currency,and just 1 size bigger, not bad.

I decided to draw something on the back so I thought about the stuff I like: Metal, comic books, horror esque art similar to “The Cramps” or “White Zombie’s” but I didn’t know what to choose. I finally picked this Silvia Superstar drawing because I didn’t want to draw the “Misfits” skull. Don’t get me wrong, I love it but isn’t what everybody else draws at the back of their denim waistcoats?? Hehehe.

Then I decided to sew (in an awful and slooooow way) the leopart print and the tartan print fabric pieces on the lead of the pockets. I got my vintage bone collar, ripped it and used one of the pieces to put it across the chest (well, more across the breast). Then I decided to rip an old scarf, that I used as a tablecloth, to sew the skull on the right hand sleeve. Finally I sticked the safety pins on the collar.

Not bad, I thought it was going to take me ages and actually just took a few hours and a bit of effort. Now I am going to wear something that nobody else is going to wear. I guess that I will keep on adding things to the jacket. I’ll keep you posted.

5 points!

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