The Factory: NARS’s Andy Warhol Range

You’ve read the straight title. NARS cosmetics are about to release an Andy Warhol inspired cosmetic range. We will expect bold, vibrant colors imitating the artist’s style and an obvious sixties make-up style touch. If it makes us look half as gorgeous as Eddie Sedgwick I guess we’ll be content!.

That was my first idea but then I checked the following info: Even if NARS doesn’t test on animals it belongs to Shiseido, and Shiseido does test on animals…Follow the cash path. Bye, bye Warhol collection. I just hope major brands would stop the testing shit, really.

Anyways, the collection will be worth to see, for sure. The packaging will probably be amazing. (Campbell’s tomato soup lipstick, anyone?). It will be released in October-November this year (for those who don’t care about the testing). For the rest of us, well, we can always take a look, even if we don’t support the brand.


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