Big in Japan: Tokyo Fashion Week

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It’s here!. My favorite country fashion week is being celebrated these days and I cannot wait to see photo shoots and reports about it. Meanwhile enjoy the first leaks of my favorite fashion in the world…Designers like Shiroma, Alice Auua, Atsushi Nakashima, Jenny Fax, Ashida,Mode Acote, Iotaro Saito, …showed us feminine, red, sobriety, layering and  shapes for the upcoming season…and the most important thing…KIMONOS ARE BACK! One of my favorite clothing pieces, no doubt. Black, sexy, vampy and sultry will be hitting stores as fast as we can blink. About time.

OH JAPAN! Why is everything you guys do and wear so cool? I have to agree with Gwen Stefani here -“I love your wicked style, I like the way you are, I am your biggest fan”.

Hooray for the Rising Sun! I love Japan.

4 thoughts on “Big in Japan: Tokyo Fashion Week

  1. The fantasy and creativity of all of these looks is so cool. Love it! And thanks for following my blog – yours is really eclectic and vintage; The posts are great. 🙂

    xx Veronica

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