Harajuku Lovers

Visual Kei, Gothic Lolita, Decora, Kawai, Ganguro, Ganjiro, Kogal, Cosplay, Punk…There’s so many styles to choose from.

Harajuku is an area near by a train station, under the same name, in Tokyo. The area is full of boutiques and original people such as the above. I always loved Harajuku, the idea of meeting by Hachiko the dog :). I got addicted to this sort of fashion when I bought “Fruits” and “Fresh fruits” the books of photographer Shoichi Aoki were he pictured and described the style and personality of many, many japanese Harajuku and Shinjuku youngsters. I understood that Harajuku style is a form of freedom, of showing off sewing skills and coolness. It is definitely my favorite kind of fashion, the most daring and chaotic of all. There is room for everything and anyone in Harajuku and Shinjuku and it is just fine because life is full of rules and fear and we are always worried about “what others will say”…Enough of that and just be yourself!

I love Japan too much, I love the dichotomy of tradition and over the top, the beauty of the people, the language, the tradition, the History, the nature, the good food, Manga, clothing, music… There’s this magic surrounding Japan that makes it so classy, so cool and so special at the same time.

Nihon wa Suki dayoo!


8 thoughts on “Harajuku Lovers

  1. I absolutely adore this post!! It’s so fabulous ๐Ÿ™‚ When I was writing an article last month on international fashion I came across the Harajuku styles & felt the same thing as you do – the Harajuku fashion expresses such freedom, creativity, artistic talent & personality of the wearer, truly amazing!! Fab post xoxo

    • Thanks a lot. I never get tired of Harajuku is simply great. I love when people are not afraid of expressing I am a bit sick of “put together”-“matchy-matchy” looks. Where do you write the articles?

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