Irresponsable Hate Anthem: In Addition To My Wardrobe

Last weekend I felt like buying a timeless denim jacket and I needed a bikini as well  because mine looks whitish from the pool. As you might know my dear friends I couldn’t resist the temptation and ended up purchasing more than what I really wanted and could afford (guilty of stupid consumerism). I always trick myself on thinking that this things are “treats”…whatever! hahaha.

On the other hand I am heading to LA for holidays in July and I would like to look fresh, glam and summery without losing my personal touch. Here are some of the pieces that I got:


Vivienne Westwood tartan make up bag. It came with my “cheeky Alice” perfume. I am addicted to Vivienne, she’s my favorite designer, and wanted to look  glamed up on holidays so I got two Vivienne pieces for the price of one which always makes me happy.









Superdry tartan dress. Is there anything cutter than a japanese branded tartan dress? I don’t think so. This will look great with black, or black patterned tights and  my horse rocking shoes. Plus it is very everyday wear but very sexy at the same time.











Vintage Hanana bat cut stripy fluor shirt. I can’t help it. I am addicted to fluor, I even dream about having fluor hair. I might go crazy and try to cheat on some  hair dresser to ruin my hair like that. This will look great with jeans but I will just have to be carful on how do I make it match with the rest of my outfit.











I  hit Primark and never do it because is what everybody else wears and makes me  feel not original and  the stores sare SO full that I feel overwhelmed, but anyway, I wanted to give it a chance and I have to admit that it comes handy when in need of underwear or cheap key pieces. I got this bikini for around 8 euros (9 dollars-7 pounds). I usually am very darkish but I gravitate very much into pin-up territory as it is great. Even if it is too girlish for my taste, cherries and flamingos are 2 of my favorite patterns so that’s what really made me decide to get it. Plus look at the cute bow detail!. This bikini would look great on a tan, pity I am as white as the background xD.









Henry Holland cute cape. Gotten at Debenhams for around 40 euros (50 dollars or 30 pounds). It was on sales as before it was around 180 euros. I love it’s dark navy color and the leopard print detail on the peter pan esque neck, plus it is very comfy, elegant and cosy.











Versace denim jacket. There’s plenty of second hand charity shops in my town and, believe or not, you can find really good bargains. This Versace jacket is 3 sizes bigger than I am (I am an S, this is an XL) but that means that I could put it over thicker pieces like jumpers or sweatshirts. The best thing is that it was only 20 euros! (around 30 dollars or 20 pounds).

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