Have Fun, babe, just a little bit: Olvido Gara-Alaska


I simply like this woman because she does just whatever she wants to do. She is very smart and polite and a very different fashonista.

She became a singer when she was 13 and her band was a setter of the famous “Movida”, a music movement in Madrid. She also used to present one of the most famous kids tv programs ever where she was dressed as a goth and were the mascot was a witch. She also appeared on the first ever Pedro Almodóvar movie.

We got to know the lady even more. Last year  MTV released a reality about her life (ala Ozzy Osbourne) and I can tell you her house is a delight!. 

Style wise she loves the transexual world, which can be really seen on her 80’s uber exaggerate rock star make up. Her first tattoo ever was a tribute to Divine from Pink Flamingos. She loves glam and goth, horror, punk, leopard print, glitter, pink, cute, baroque and retro american glamour. A mix that she certainly knows how to combine. WIth her crazy hair colors and cool nails those who followed her carrier know that she was never moved by any fashion trend, just by her own taste and gosh, it works.

I like the way she is, the way she dresses and behaves as well as her eclectic taste that shows she is not one to follow trends but to follow her own ways.

Fashion goes but style remains. Remember always to follow your own ways.

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