Nominated For the Sunshine Award

What a huge surprise I found this morning on my comments: A nomination as a blogger!. I am extremely happy :). I really want to thank

It was really difficult just to choose 10 of you. ALL of my followers deserve to be nominated!

Here are the instructions:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post on your blog
  • Answer 1o questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you
Here’s my q&a:
  1. My favourite color: Black and Green
  2. My favourite animal: All of them…but I’ve a soft spot for Wolves. They remind me of my little dog xD
  3. My favourite number: 8
  4. My favourite drink: Water
  5. Facebook or Twitter: For letting yourself be known…Probably Facebook but I like Twitter for the fun part of it and the way you can reach your fav celebrities
  6. My passion: Animals, Manga, Japan, Fashion, Comics, Role playing, Pop art, Reading, Drawing, Music…I’ve too many!
  7. Prefer giving or getting presents: Giving is always nice. I like the “this is really me” response and the looking for something special for someone special experience.
  8. My favorite pattern: Leopard print, tartan and skulls
  9. My favorite day of the week: Friday, its the farthest away from Monday and back to work for the week.
  10. My favorite flower: Tough one. I love the smell of the Lilies of the valley and Jasmine, visually I love Black Roses, Poppies, Tulips…but I have a soft spot for Sunflowers and Lotus flowers!

I nominate…

1.Barexbones: For their tips on beauty and their fashion consciousness.

2.Marimorena: Love her style, love her pictures, love her freshness and purchases. She’s so cool and nice!

 3.Metalgirl: Because I love the way she writes and loves metal.

4.The tattooed artist: I love the her retro pin-up, friends, pictures, style and tattooes. So brilliant!

5.We are so Droee: Love the background, love the pictures, love the fashion, love how straight forward the blog is.

6.Fashion Grunge Style: My source of grunge and alternative fashion.

7.Thingsbyrebecca: For the beautiful handcrafted stuff she does and her model esque looks.

8.Bugwear: I love the way she’s so class and makes really goods choices. She’s a real lady!

9.Cokarabbit: I love her recipes, quirky style and beauty!

10. Adventuresspirit: Sweet, vegan, newly wed and takes pictures like no one else. I really like this lady 🙂

4 thoughts on “Nominated For the Sunshine Award

  1. how does one get nominated for such awards? i saw one call most versatile blogger too and am curious. =]

    • I was nominated so I’ve no idea. I guess other bloggers have to nominate you. I’ve I would have known the existence of your blog before you would have been on my list 🙂

      • That is very very sweet of u! Thankssss sooo much! Just by hearing this brings a huge smile to my face!! Stay in touch ya? =]

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