Dressed To Kiss: S/S outfit



I was obsessed with those baby blue and white gingham Pamela Mann tights and I felt the urge to get them but my issues started with…How do you combine gingham when your style is far from girlie??? Well a friend of mine gave me the answer.

We decided to go for shopping at the weekend (dangerous for my pocket) and she finally ending up getting me this H&M chained tasseled back and oversized black tank top  with the cute pocket on the chest and the cute high-low cut. I am NOT a big fan of the Swedish brand quality of clothing and moral issues and I am a smart shopper. I follow Vivienne Westwood’s tips: Buy less and shop smart. As it is a present, this time I will accept it though.

My other purchase was this cute (Zelda?) triple necklace with its cute pastel colors from Evans. It was a bargain and absolutely love it!

I will combine all of these goodies with my vegan leather black  Horse Rocking Shoes. I cannot wait for my holidays!


2 thoughts on “Dressed To Kiss: S/S outfit

  1. Really agree with Westwood’s idea of buying less and shopping smart. I used to buy chain store clothing when I was younger, but found I just bought too much, so wore each item less, and then ended up giving it away – some things unworn! Now I pay a bit more, buy less, and take much more care of each item / treasure each item. Aso try and buy things that will stretch way beyond one season.
    (love the necklace too btw)

    • Yes! That’s my moto!. Consumers have to be educated. Buy less, be smarter and buy quality. I agree with you, it is better to purchase pieces that will last more than one season :). Thanks a lot.

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