I Think I’m Paranoid And Complicated: Grunge



I was doing a bit of research as I did know bands like Nirvana, The Melvins, Pearl Jam or Hole but I didn’t really know what was the gurnge movement about. Here it is:

A response to the vanity glam movement of the 80’s. Grunge was huge and a posture against the politics of the moment. Thanks to the likes of Mr. Cobain, kids who didn’t have hope or faith on anything believed they could become someone, someday.

As what goes around comes around it was an “in” trend 1-2 years ago. Luckily some of us are faithful to what we like and I like grunge music but what I really love is its message and the very off duty style. One of my favorite models, Ms. Erin Wasson, is pretty gurngy style wise. I consider this trend very unisex, androgynous and what not and very sexy all at the same time. I love the formula: checked shirts, stripes, ripped jeans, converse, crazy hair and military boots.

I accept every single style as long as it defines the person wearing it but I love to be eclectic, I never want to be the same. That is the reason why I mix everything I like to make it my own. I take a bit of goth, a bit of punk, a bit of heavy metal, a bit of glam, a bit of girlie and a bit of grunge and I mix it all. If I evolute as a person why should my style be plain and boring?

What do you thing about grunge, fashion wise?



5 thoughts on “I Think I’m Paranoid And Complicated: Grunge

  1. I think I am grungie deep down in my heart: I love a good pair of ripped jeans, converse, oversized sweatshirts and plaid – plus the end of the 90s were my Jr High days. Every girl refers back to those days in some way in her adulthood fashion. Love the pictures!

    • Late 90’s and high school…I remember those days :). Fashion was so different back then. Nowadays kids are so different, right? I believe sometimes they over do when on the other hand we were all ripped jeans and baggy clothing as you said. Thanks a lot for your comment!

      • oh my gosh yes. Kids these days are ridiculous. 12 year olds with fashion blogs, iPhones, instagram… Could you even imagine us with all that back then? Lol

      • I wouldn’t even know how to use instagram and I don’t know if I could manage with an iPhone!. Hahaha. Definitely not, I cannot imagine us like that!. Kids should remain kids and embrace age and technology at their own pace :). Love your blog.

      • aw thanks! I was just starting to get discouraged about it & thinking of giving it all up. Those WordPress stats can really mess with my head!

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