Stupid Girl. Can’t believe you fake it! : Shirley Manson




As I am listening to the new Garbage “Not Your Kind of People” record I couldn’t help but thinking that I have never written a post about Shirley, even if she clearly is one of my style icons, idols and favorite singers!

Edinburgh born redhead beauty was discovered by Butch Vig while she was on her old band “Angelfish”. Her song “Suffocate me” caught the producer’s eye (or ear) who WANTED her, and no one else but her, for his project studio band: Garbage.

Fortunately Shirl’s mysterious, sexy and dangerous looks and voice made Vig decide to make Garbage become a live band, and gosh…He certainly did the right thing!

I love Shirley’s 80’s smoky eyes and red lippy, her red hair and green eyes combination, her amazing voice and brains and her rock chic  style: Leopard print, 60’s dresses, ankle boots and darkness. Her love for Debby Harry and Siouxsie Sioux are everywhere to be seen. I always thought she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She certainly looks incredible! That’s the reason why I decided to post her latest pictures. For the launch of the new record she has been snapped for: V Magazine , Block Magazine, Bullet Magazine and Spin, just to name a few, and  she looks at her best!. I love her two tone hair for spin, her monochrome dress for Bullet and the fact that she looks exactly the same way she looked back in 1996. Does this woman ever age?  

In any case…Welcome back Garbage! We were so looking forward for a new record. We love you Shirley.


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