Don’t Sweat It, Get It Back To You

I have spotted a lot of young ladies wearing yellow pants around town. Canary yellow and neon are definitely IT. I absolutely love neon hair, t-shirts, shoes…I do own a neon vest (I posted a picture of it here)  and I do own a DKNY oversized yellow cotton shirt. I actually wanted to dye my hair neon but every single hair dressed stopped me from doing it (damn you extremely dark hair!). But I never owned yellow pants. I do actually lust for yellow spandex zipped pants since I saw two of my idols wearing them. Once I learn how to sew properly and I get a machine that sews spandex, I might fulfill my little dream xD.

What I would actually love to have, call me geekie and crazy, is the jumpsuit that Uma Thurman wore on “Kill Bill” that was based on Bruce Lee’s “Game of Death” one. Uma and Bruce are two actors that I really admire, well I admire Bruce Lee more for his martial arts facet and, let’s face it,  because he contributed to create his absolutely gorgeous son Brandon Lee heheheh.

What color are you currently lusting for ?

Bruce Lee:









Uma Thurman:









Gwen Stefani when she was in No Doubt:











Mr. Bruce Dickinson ❤


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