I Wanna Hear It Out Loud

Let’s admit it, Chloë Sevigny is really cool.

She has been always one of my favorite actresses, not just because she is good but because she has made really good film choices “Kids”, “Boys don’t cry” or “Brown bunny” just to name a few.

She’s the absolute queen of Indie cinema and  a bit of an outsider because Sevigny doesn’t really fit in Hollywood. She’s too alternative and, even if she is stunning, her beauty is extremely natural as well as curves which makes her look like a weirdo in between all of the plastic celebs in Tinseltown. To me she always looks gorgeous, classy and edy. Let’s face it, she would make a bin back look trendy.

Our geekie, IT girl is the new face of the Miu Miu a/w campaign and the designer of several extremely cool collections for Opening Ceremony as well as a style advisor for Elle magazine and the muse of iconic photographer Terry Richardson, as well as one of the stars of “Big love” and the main character on “Hit and miss”. I just hope the Sevigny machine keeps on going for years and years, she’s a girl that beauty wise, style wise and talent wise I do definitely really like :).


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