Belleza Galega

This is something I really wanted to do. A section featuring my friends (or people I just spot on the streets) wearing really cool clothing and a little interview at the end regarding their taste and experience. Something really like the Sartorialist’s work.

So far I have just realized that I am a bad photographer when it comes to night shots and that both, the model and I, have to practice more with photoshop.

Here I explain the experience and you can see the results:

Saturday, 5 o’clock in the evening and I have to get ready. I have just walked my doggy once today and I am afraid that if I live now, he will never forgive me so I kiss him and promise I’ll be back soon for a second walk.

I’ve something exciting to do today, I’ve just decided to start a small fashion-photography project which is going to allow me to shot my dearest friends on their favorite outfits, or at least, the ones we believe suit them better or make them just feel different because we believe it is nice to try new looks and play with fashion. Isn’t it? We might discover that a girly girl looks cooler as a rock chic or it might happen the other way around. Dress your mood and follow your ways!

I am meeting Silvia today and we are going to go through her clothing and use her reflex camera. She allows me to stick my nose in her cupboard so I can choose the outfits:

“-Feel free. You’re the stylist and photographer today”.

She says laughing while she goes to the bathroom to refresh and put on some make up for the session.

I feel overwhelmed so far. She owns two massive wardrobes and they’re full of high street goodies, matching bags, jewellery, handkerchiefs and shoes. I feel attracted like a magpie to two key designer pieces and we have to use them for the shot: An “Aghata Ruiz de la Prada” bag and a“Swarowski” pen she got as a present from her brother.

Everything here is perfectly organized, folded and placed in small little bags. There’s so much to choose from and I feel so sorry breaking this spotless corner!

Silvia helps me out putting some outfits together. I’m not really good at accessorizing so she picks whatever might match her make up and clothing better.

We choose something a bit rock, something a bit cocktail, something off duty, something office and a couple of dresses (well, they are handkerchiefs) but she loves them so much I just customize them as frocks and so far they look great on her but at 5ft 8inch (1,78cm aprox) and with a body to die for it doesn’t surprise me a bit.

We style her hair on a messy bun a la Robert Smith for the first shot and she puts on red lippy:

“-I got it few days ago and didn’t try it up yet. Today is my first time wearing red and messy hair and so far it looks amazing”.

She is right, it really suits her.

The overall experience has been amazing. Silvia stroked all of these poses and gave me all of those stunning expressions without barely having to guide her. It was great, shameless and a great fun. She’s definitely a natural in front of the lens and this must be due to her love for photography, fashion and being pictured (I always prefer being behind the cameras, they make me feel unnatural and I always end up looking silly). Now I just have to improve my technique and learn the ways of the complicated reflex camera world hahaha.

We shot 6 different outfits and we were exhausted. This was really tiring!. It took us 5-6 hours (broke my doggy promise but we love each other so much, he still forgave me and I made it up for him the day after) and we had a necessary small soya yogurt-fruit and cereal break.

Then we ended up the night celebrating with a glass of wine and she wore one of the outfits we used for the shot. I feel so proud; she loves it and would like to repeat the experience.


These are some of the question that I asked her after the session:

1. How would you define your style?
Fresh, casual most of the times and elegant; I usually choose one or several basic items and mix them together or with a remarkable one. The combination of colours, materials and styles is important. I like to play with both discreet/classic colours and vivid ones in either sharp or smoothy way.  A good set of accessories (bags, jewellery…) gives a nice complete result.
2. What would you never be caught wearing?
A style-combination mismatch or a pair of too-high heels which I cannot walk properly with (non-natural). It’s important to feel good and comfortable with the whole set of clothes/accessories.
3. What’s the item you like the most on your wardrobe?
My new stretch black shirt, very elegant and sexy!
4. Who are you style icons?
Any woman who dresses feminine, elegant and chic. From the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn to Queen Rania of Jordan, Jennifer Anniston or Sara Carbonero; different women with very nice style, from my point of view. In general, I particularly like an elegant sharp latino look on a brunette woman.
5. Who’s your favourite designer?
I don’t follow any specific designers, but I like both Spanish and Italian fashion designs/styles. I’d be pleased with some item from Prada or Dolce & Gabbana, in an example.
6. Which are your favourite shops?
I’m currently satisfied with H&M, Vero Moda, Oasis or Zara! Low-budget and very chic-casual!
7. Name a fashion faux pas?
An inappropriate selection of accessories for the clothes we’re wearing. It makes me mad! Don’t take enough care of our undergarment, like non-ironing items. And also it´s important to wear the right bra and panty (choose the perfect size for you and the appropiate colour to combine with rest of items).
8. Any fashion tips?
Being natural and dressing how ones feels, according to her personality and taking care if possible of every little detail. Sometimes less is more: it’s always better don’t use certain items if the final result becomes a complete mismatch! It’s a must to have some basic black items in our wardrobe. Black is elegance! A good few pair of shoes, coats and blazers can be a lifetime investment.

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