Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

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A few days ago  I saw the movie “Coco Chanel” were Shirley Maclain played the role of the old Gabrielle.

I must admit I admire, even more, the figure, the talent and the strength of Gabrielle Chanel.

She had no easy life. As a child  her dad left her and her little sis on convent from where she decided to live when she was 18. She then met her first love, whom soon abandoned and betrayed her. Once she met the real love of her life and her business and talent were being recognised, she lost him, twice.

No wonder Coco grew up strong and kinda bitter, she focused all of her life and efforts on her business and talent. She was ahead of her time on fashion and mentality. She was never a conventional woman.

There is no doubt Chanel is the most famous fashion brand in the world and definitely all down because of the quality and beauty of its creations. It just simply worths it.

5 thoughts on “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

  1. Jo, pues no he visto yo esta película… la pondré en la lista de pendientes, seguro que está genial.
    Yo de Coco Chanel leí alguna cosa y ya sabía que tuvo una vida difícil… y por eso es de admirar más todavía que llegase lo lejos que llegó, era un genio!

    1 beso!

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