Feed My Frankenstein

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I am a self confessed geek and a child of the anime era. I do actually still LOVE cartoons, manga, anime, reading comics…I don’t think there is an age for it. You just dig it or you don’t, that is it.

Although I must admit there are some cartoons that are REALLY children focused that I used to love when I was an early teen and still do. I am talking about spooky tv cartoons. I mean, I always had a taste for monsters, witches and horror and cartoons were not going to be an exception. I used to spend hours watching the likes of Scooby Doo, The Groovie Ghoulies, Casper , Beetlejuice, The Tales From the Cryptkeeper or the Addams Family…They were just totally COOL!

But what about spooky merchandising??? Well…Love it as well. I did always want The Munsters barbie dolls. They are magnificent. Halloween is the perfect time to find spooky merchandising. I will show you my new acquisitions but first things first, I still have to post my american purchases 😉

But I want to tell you about the next cool spooks that I have just learned from. I didn’t even know they existed until one of my friends confessed she likes “Monster High”. Believe it or not, they might look, sound (and give the same lame example to little girls) than Bratz, but they are slightly cooler. These girls are, basically, stylish monsters. Which means you can be cool, spooky and creepy and still look fantastic.

I do really like the doll collection they have released based on the cartoon series. The boxes are coffin shaped and every doll wears a few different outfits that are combined in a really tasteful way (I am even thinking of taking ideas from them). Look and judge with you own eyes! I believe I suffer from the Peter Pan syndrome but I love it.

5 thoughts on “Feed My Frankenstein

  1. I spotted a collection of roller derby themed Monster High dolls while my friends and I were on a road trip to play in a roller derby bout. Needless to say we each bought one…

  2. “I didn’t even know they existed until one of my friends confessed she likes Monster High” (I’m important in your blog hehe).

    I have always had a predilection for freak dolls such as Living Dead Dolls or Blythe (dress like a goth). I like Monster High because they’re beautiful, they dress awesome and they teach to little girls to be different. Bratz gave an image of “you have to dress like a slut, you have to increase your lips with collagen…” but I believe Monster High give a message to dress different, to have your own style, with no rules. I think it’s one of the best lessons that a human being can learn: be yourself.

    Certainly, a few weeks ago I fell in love with other dolls: Pullip http://www.silverchaos2k.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/pullip.jpg They are practically the same as the Blythe but with another style.

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