My Life Is Falling To Pieces

Fashion Week is taking place EVERYWHERE and Cork City, in Ireland, was not going to be less than the rest of the world capitals.

It was my first time attending a fashion show and I LOVED IT!. The venue, an old church converted into museum, was looking spectacular and the models…How can they look and be so dazzling?. 20 euros ticket worth it and well spend: The show, bacardi and diet coke cocktails, beautiful models, stylish people from the Cork fashion scene and a free fashion mag. What else can you ask for?

Speaking about style…I couldn’t believe how beautiful and stylish people are in Cork…I was amazed! I cannot wait to go to another event and meet them all…If possible. I loved this ladie’s outfit so much that I chased her and snap her up on the toilets…Sorry, I couldn’t help it, is you fault for looking so gorgeous and polished. Is she not amazing? She is actually combining my 2 favorite prints together…

The event featured collections from famous designers of the city and new upcoming promises. The “newbies” were participating on the  contest for  “Designer of the Year”.

The night was full of magic. ALL of the designs were mesmerizing, I cannot start to imagine how much work and effort all of these girls put onto their collections. The winners were:

3rd Price: Angela Beaumont

2nd Price: Megan Burns

1st Price: Maria O’Sullivan

Congratulations! You well deserve it. Maria’s collection was feminine, sultry, sexy and wearable at the same time it had a punk rock vibe that I loved. Angela’s collection had a lot of work into it, all of the holographic parts were hand made and hand cut (unfortunately I do not have any pictures of her collection). She told us that she literally barely loses her fingers creating them!. By the way, I loved her look, she was fabulous, she reminded me of a Qatar air hostess, call me crazy!. And finally Megan Burns amazed us with her tailored, constructed pieces on a lovely great and pink flamingo color palette. Congratulations!!!!

Although, my beloved readers, you know I do have a fatal attraction to ALL things Japan and I couldn’t help by noticing the very lovely designer Julie O’Connell. I was instantly attracted to her look: Converse, a black tutu and a black shirt with Happy Trolls on it, plus neon pink make up!.

Her designs were amazing, very young and fresh. I noticed her collection had a sorbet pink and minty green color palette, which are two of my favorite colors and (here comes the plus) she lives in gorgeous Barcelona and has learned about Japanese street style working in Japan…That is why I felt a sudden attraction to her persona and collection…I cannot help it. When the event finished I waited for her and told her that her collection was my favourite and that I was going to follow her carrier…She was so lovely she gave a hug and a kiss and promised to e-mail me (no, I swear I am not a stalker but I had to tell her. There are things that just happen once in a lifetime and you cannot let them go away…) If you are reading me Julie, YOU ARE BRILLIANT!

In conclusion. I had so much fun and I would like to repeat, next time I will work on my outfit a bit more. I played safe: I wore This blue checked Vivienne Westwood mini skirt, black tights, my beloved black horse rocking shoes, an urban outfitters black sleeveless vest and a fake leather studded jacket all garnished with my beloved new hair color.It is what I like to call the “japanese bleached” and it looks more or less like this:

Ain’t it cute?

Enjoy the Cork Fahion Week 2012 pictures that I could take…Until my battery depleted!

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12 thoughts on “My Life Is Falling To Pieces

  1. Nice fashion week indeed! So happy you enjoyed!
    I often wish that everybody could afford dressing the way they want.. really.. unfortunately it’s not possible and it’s a pity, because today like never before,people judge you a lot-by the way you dress..


    • You are absolutely right! More than worrying about what people do say about the way we dress, it’s more that sometimes we have to dress the way “society” likes. I mean, we cannot always wear what we want. For example, we cannot wear anything we want for an interview and that is a bummer…
      I wish we could all wear the way we feel…Always. Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

  2. I’m so happy because you were in a fashion event!! I know you and I know how glad you felt. I really like the outfit of the toilet’s girl but I much prefer the one you wore. You know that I love how you dress and I admire your taste in fashion. The clothes of Maria and Angela are amazing!! When you come to Barcelona maybe you can see Julie!! Her t-shirt is very cute, btw.

    • That would be GREAT! I would love to see that. I would be more than pleased to buy and wear any of your designs! :DDD. (I can bring friends along so you win new followers hehehe). I’ll write you an e-mail so you have my address xoxo. Thanks Julie!

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