Glitter And Spikes And Everything’s Nice

For those who already know my blog  and are familiar with my taste, you know that I have a taste for glam rock, heavy metal and punk. What happens when you mix the three styles together? Glitter or shiny colours and spikes??? Sounds like a fashion disaster but it is actually not. I have seen some Jeffrey Campbell esque glittery shoes boots with spikes that have certainly captured my imagination.



I wasn’t sure about the “sport luxe” trainers but I certainly have fallen for these New Look babes below: Shiny and Spiky. Just the way I like it.


Although my new obsessions are white fake leather biker jackets with LOADS of spikes and gold shoe boots…I will talk about them some other day. Have a happy holiday 🙂

2 thoughts on “Glitter And Spikes And Everything’s Nice

  1. Do you have these white trainers? I like them!! I don’t think you have to choose between brightness and sport. This is a good example that these two terms can be mixed and fabulous!!

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