I’m Ashamed Of The Person I Am. Isolation.

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A few days ago I went to an amazing gig plus, it was completely FREE. One of Kurt Cobain’s favorite bands, Shonen Knife, were playing in town and I couldn’t miss them. Japanese, punk rocking, kick ass women are a cocktail that I am certainly addicted to.

These three lovely ladies sing about cute stuff  like cats, sheer dresses, peppermint tea, barbecue parties and such but…they ROCK and they have an amazing style too. Their ex-drummer (who is actually the guitar player’s sister) designs their outfits which are usually 60’s style dresses gracefully combined in between the three members. The only difference is that each member of the band might wear these or that color or vertical stripes instead of horizontal. On the other hand their instruments are gorgeous. The guitar player and only member of the band that has never changed, played a pink glitter guitar…How cute is that?

For those who don’t know Shonen Knife well, they have been around since the 80’s. They used to be called the Osaka Ramones because they started covering the super famous punk rock band and super talented people like Tara McPherson or Yoshitomo Nara have design covers for their albums which, I must say, are amazingly tasteful.

I did really enjoy the concert, they were great players and performers, they were extremely cute and nice and I got to speak japanese with them and even take a pictures with the girls. I did purchase as well the green t-shirt that you can see above on the slideshow. Its designs really makes me thing of Junko Mizuno whom I really admire as an illustrator.

I must confess that, as a bass player I was amazed with Ritsuko’s talent and she is SOOO PRETTY. I think I have a girl crush on her. One more addiction to my list of amazing talented women to admire :).

As the night said…ROCK! but 60’s I chose to wear a complete two tone outfit with a hint of psychedelia and comfort! I wouldn’t like to have to be on a pair of heels for 2 hours jumping and head banging!.

The outfit consisted on: an Awear leopart print coat, two tone gangster style vegan brogues, Primark b&w stripped pants, Primark b&w stripped jumper, Primark red socks and a given h&m vegan tassel chain back. I am sorry I haven’t been able to found all of the pictures of the real stuff on the net and I am a bit lazy to take snap shots of the outfit so take a look of the examples below and tell me what do you think 🙂




3 thoughts on “I’m Ashamed Of The Person I Am. Isolation.

  1. I really love the outfit!! I never thought the vertical stripes and horizontal stripes could combine but I’m imagining it and I like it!!

  2. OMG am I ever jealous! Shonen Knife have been one of my favorite bands for years, but I’ve yet to see them live. x.x I love the outfit you wore to the gig! Vertical stripes and saddle shoe combos are always winners. ❤

    • Hiya Marlena!
      I am so excited! Your blog is linked on mine as one of my favourite blogs ever. Thanks for the lovely compliment 🙂 on the outfit. I love your DIY’s. The girls were AMAZING!!! I absolutely love them!. They are currently on the UK I believe. Check the tour dates and get the chance to see them! 🙂 They might play on your city.

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