Here You Loose A Little Everyday



Excuse my pictures. The lightning was very bad but I was inspired and found a bit of time to do this.

These are my new glitter Lita style vegan boots from eBay and my beloved A wear second hand faux fur leopard coat on a Led Zeppelin poster  background. Check out the bone collar I got in Edinburgh at W.Armstrong and Son.

The stuff you see are just some of the things that I have around the house and that I like the most:

1.The little Harley Quinn is from the comic book store  St.Mark’s comics in New York that you might know from Sex and the City

2. The Kiss lunchbox is from the Wacko Soap Plant Pop Art Gallery in L.A. Both of them  are AMAZING places I really wanted to visit while I was on the States.

3. The round manga, anime and rock collage lead you see is actually from a hat box that I DIY a bit to make it look a bit more my style.

4. I did DIY the White Zombie 2013 agenda.

5. I absolutely love my vinyl’s and CD’S, 

6. the Meadham Kirchhoff nails rock from Topshop,

7. the Meadows and Byrne cupcake Candle

8. and my little Kiss Kozik pink smoking bunny, both presents from my best friend got me in Berlin.

9. There is a holographic pen that and a Sponge bob lunchbox I got in a 2 pound shop .

10. and a little Tarina Tarantino bag that I got while in LA 

11. My beloved Vivienne Westwood bag (She’s my favorite designer)

12. Claire’s skeleton jewelry 

13. The Astounding She Monster post card and the little tooth papers


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