Your Momma Was A Grifter



Today I was in Miss Daisy Blue to check out the collaboration they have made with Julie O’Connell. I talked about my Julie obsession on this and this post :). Don’t miss her creations!.

Money is a bit tight but…Everything was AMAZING! So I made myself a Christmas present, this amazingly quirky Popples leotard. The first teddy my parents ever got me was a popple and I still keep it!. It was my favorite toy and  I used to carry it all of the time with me :). I would have never imagined somebody could bring Popples back to life…Thanks Julie! By the way, the designer herself was there and I got to speak to her. She was lovely.

As a fan o horror  I couldn’t resist the detail of the skulls on the inside part of the piece and the monster hand on the back….LOVE IT! . No doubt I’ll be wearing this cutie for Christmas.

Can’t wait to purchase more of these amazing pieces!. If Miss Daisy Blue gives me the permission…I’ll take pictures of the rest of the collection so you can all get to see them :).


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