Gotta Get My Mojo Runnin’

144b87705 Absolut-Miami-1-Liter-vorne1 spring-breakers-trailer-movies-feature 4085329-wild-flamingo-in-the-florida-everglades Actresses Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson film scenes in bikinis for their new movie 'Spring Breakers' in Florida Hot Pink Florida Tropical Flamingo Birds snowglobe-flamingo-miami Spring Breakers _Harmony_Korine -foto 4+Jess spring-breakers2 tumblr_ll8qzvlcCe1qe7oa1o1_500 spring_breakers_ver11_xlg FLDec. 25 and 2601 34-Spring-Breakers selena-gomez-and-vanessa-hudgens-in-spring-breakers Spring Breakers 1 MiamiFlamingo spring-breakers-article James-Franco-in-Spring-Breakers 3 538 pink-flamingos palm

Harmony Korine did it again!. I encourage you to watch this slamming critic to the sweet Disney Princess concept called ¨Spring Breakers¨. Bravo for the actresses and for gorgeous James Franco for making the movie even greater.

If you enjoy neon colors, flamingos, palm trees and amazing sun and Florida landscapes, this is also your movie.


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