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10 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you! Your blog is very interesting. Your post about dieting attracted me like a fly. Even if we are slim, we tend to be obsessive with dieting. Stupid society of ours!.

      • πŸ™‚ yes,it’s never enough,
        and we constantly threaten our health with tough diets..but we only realize when we don’t have it anymore..
        most difficult part is to stay constant,and to keep it under control.. cause we ain’t robots,we have feelings…and you know some of us when are sad..just get the ice cream and the happy chocolate in their arms.. and there you go! bye bye diet! πŸ™‚
        thank you for the lovely comment!

      • Exactly!
        It’s crazy. Why can’t we not have a treat and a break? One of my friends is a fashion designer and she always tells me: “WTF is a size 6? Size 8? Size 10?. There are size 6 wide hips, size 8 small hips, really small size 10, tiny size 12. You’re going to use a different size on every brand”. She’s right!.
        Best to do is eating healthy, don’t overdoing and do regular exercise. Walking the dog, waking a bit everyday and going to the gym if your life is not too stressful is perfectly fine to stay thin, trim and healthy. We shouldn’t try impossibles and look up to unhealthy body types but well, society… Women have to be perfect in every way!. What a stupid thing! So if you are a size 18 you are not perfect??? Why??? Who says???
        Celebrities usually go by car everywhere, they usually don’t work 8-9 hours a day, they don’t do laundry, cooking or cleaning and don’t have the same tasks we have to do everyday. We cannot cope with their lifestyle. Plus if they over eat, they can always get an operation and hit the gym for a few weeks with their personal trainer to recover their body shape…Crazy diets and crazy lifestyle will just make us become that…CRAZY!.
        If you feel like chocolate or ice-cream do it and don’t feel guilty. You can always make up the day after :). Healthy and not sick is the best option.

  1. Thanks for your write up about me for Cork Fashion Week .. would love to send you some images of the professional shoot of my collection , get i touch if you would like them for your blog! A. Beaumont .

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