Ebay Sale Week 4




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Oh! If I Only See That The Joke Was On Me




The Joke is on us…I’m getting sick and tired. I am fed up with this. We have to have a certain amount of clothes, a certain weight, a certain body type, a certain face type and be shallow to be part of this consumerism wheel. No matter who do we hurt or which are the consequences….That is sick. Why do I have to put myself under SO much stress and unnecessary pressure?. I will just purchase when it is strictly necessary to do like so and I will do my best to support those who actually try to do meaningful things for the world. Fashionwise, those brands who are  fair trade and eco-friendly. I want to learn and fight and be constructive. Let’s use our heads to THINK and do something useful for the world…

Ebay Sale Number 3. Living In An Extra-Ordinary World.

Ebay Sale. 2 More Items Added n_n


You’ll feel like doing yourself what Shirley is doing to herself on the mirror after buying on my ebay:



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Don’t Preach To Me. Mr. Integrity





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Berlin based Terrible Movement are a fair trade, ethical and eco friendly brand. When buying this brand you are supporting small business and  talented upcoming designers. Buy less and be smart:


Ebay Sale Week Two

Girls On Film

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Archie’s Girls for MAC collection as announced by London’s coolest modern art gallery: TATE Modern. The release date for Europe is February 21st. Stay tunned :).